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Ward Bennett: Making sense

A collaboration between multidisciplinary design studio Various Projects, The Herman Miller Collection and Geiger, Making Sense showcased the work of American designer, artist and sculptor Ward Bennett. Displaying the vast range of Ward’s work, the installation featured custom-made furniture, books and objects. www.various-projects.com  

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Linda Hofvander

Photography and sculpture series Variables by Swedish artist Linda Hofvander investigates nuanced ideas on composition, chance and objectivity. www.lindahofvander.com  

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Conservatory Archives

London-based store Conservatory Archives is home to a vast collection of house plants alongside an ever-changing selection of antique and mid-century furniture. Co-founded by horticulturist Jin Ahn and Giacomo Plazzotta, the diverse range of rare plants and homeware is hand-sourced from across Europe. If you’re in London this week, you can view a specially-commissioned window installation by Conservatory Archives at our High Street Kensington store. www.conservatoryarchives.co.uk  

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Gabriele Rossi

Literole by Italian photographer Gabriele Rossi explores how the sea is experienced throughout the seasons. By tracing the transformation of the landscape, the image series conveys a sense of both solitude and life. www.gabrielerossifoto.com  

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Studio Jeroen Wand

  The Laminated Coffee Table by Eindhoven-based designer Jeroen Wand uses pieces of leftover veneer to create a solid wooden structure. By pressing the pieces of wood types into an intricate composition, the studio explores the dynamic and unpolished side of design. www.jeroenwand.nl

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Daniel Emma

The BLOCK dining table and chair set is a contemporary revision of traditional school furniture by Australian design duo Daniel Emma. Made from maple wood, the pieces feature simple clean lines, polished brass fixtures and an optional Carrara marble table top. www.daniel-emma.com      

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